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The trend in decorating your home is to add a Gallery Wall. The Gallery wall adds so much visual interest to a space. There are many ways to style your walls. One way is a well curated wall gallery ~ THE COLLECTED LOOK: has a common color scheme, but a mixture of prints, using different frames in size and styles. You may choose to have some prints matted in a common color scheme to further establish a color theme. Choose a variety of artwork; canvas prints or metal prints will add dimension to your gallery wall. ~~ Tip: Place larger frames in the center to establish a focal point. Surround the larger frames with smaller frames for a gallery-style effect. To balance the gallery, ensure frame bottoms, tops and sides are equally aligned. ~~I curated this gallery wall with mostly brown and sepia tone images. Pops of color keeps the eye moving. Strong architectural details play off of vintage elements, as well as abstracts and a bit of whimsy. Mix and match images to start your own gallery wall.

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The Gallery Wall

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